Taxation Advisory

The primary goal of the Tax Advisory practice is to optimise the client's tax burden. We achieve this by combining our up-to-date knowledge of the ever changing tax laws and compliance requirements with our knowledge of the client's business objectives to develop an effective, sustainable tax strategy.

Our practice focuses on:

  • Direct taxes such as income, wealth and gift taxes,

  • Indirect taxes and regulations such as customs, cenvat, value added and service taxes,

  • Achieving optimised tax benefits in establishing or reorganising businesses,

  • Tax holidays, incentives, location advantages and other concessions,

  • Tax treaty and transfer pricing issues,

  • Tax implications of leasing and sale/leaseback transactions.

Contact : Sunil Malik

Our Services Include:

  Corporate & Commercial Advisory
  Regulatory Affairs
  Financial & Corporate Management
  Infrastructure Advisory
  Maritime, Aerospace and Security
  Trade Practices
  Human Resources