In addition to the experience and expertise that our Directors bring to the firm, Dua Consulting has a team of senior principals who bring significant and accomplished hands-on experience in areas including:
  • Merchant and Investment Banking
  • Project finance
  • Senior corporate and operational management
  • Consumer and corporate leasing
  • Human resources management
  • Food service management
  • International finance
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Privatisation/Divestment in the Public Sector
  • Aviation and maritime sectors
  • Supply chain management
  • Agribusiness implementation
  • Disaster Management
  • Security Management
  • Documentation
  • Telecommunications

C.R. Dua (Ranji)
Prior to founding Dua Associates in 1986, Ranji Dua was in private practice in New Delhi.

Ranji’s experience and expertise encompasses a broad range of practice areas including corporate and commercial law, corporate finance, securities law, taxation, land acquisition, power projects, foreign investments and collaborations, disinvestments and privatisation of public sector undertakings, mergers and acquisitions and exchange control regulations.

He sits on the Boards of the Indian companies of many major multinational corporations primarily representing the interests of foreign collaborators and investors.

An honours graduate of St. Stephen’s College, Ranji holds a Masters degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics and a law degree from the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.  
Ambassador Hemant Krishan Singh
Ambassador Hemant Krishan Singh served in the Indian Foreign Service from 1974-2010 and is a distinguished former career diplomat with extensive experience of geo-strategic and geo-economic issues as well as multilateral institutions which underpin international law and commerce.

He has been India’s longest serving Ambassador to Japan (2006-2010), Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor Leste (2003-2006), Ambassador to Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica (1999-2002), and India’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva (1995-1999). He has held several significant assignments during his career, dealing with the United States, West Europe and the European Union and India’s immediate neighbours.

Ambassador Singh has contributed to the forging of the India-Japan strategic and global partnership, the intensification of India's relations with Indonesia and ASEAN, the evolution of India's revitalised Look East Policy and the shaping of India’s policy towards key neighbours and strategic partners.

From 2011-2016, Ambassador Singh was Professor for Strategic Studies at ICRIER, a leading think tank in New Delhi, and has been associated with several public policy initiatives and Track II / Track 1.5 strategic dialogues involving major Think Tanks of India, Japan, Asia and the US. He has written and worked extensively on the ongoing transformation of India’s relations with the United States and Japan and their growing convergences in shaping Asia's emerging economic and security architecture. He is a member of several statutory and advisory corporate boards and has been Senior Advisor at Dua Consulting since 2013.

In June 2016, Ambassador Singh assumed responsibilities as Director General, Delhi Policy Group, which is among India’s oldest independent think tanks focused on strategic issues of critical national interest.

An alumnus of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, where he studied (1967-72) and later taught (1972-74), Ambassador Singh holds an M.A. degree from the University of Delhi. His varied interests include civilisation and culture, the natural environment and sports. 

B.K. Syngal
Brijendra (BK) Syngal is a pioneer in the Indian telecommunication sector and has been recognized as the ‘father of the internet and data services’ in India. His four decade career has included senior executive positions in the major and public sector telecoms in India including Chairman and Managing Director of VSNL, India’s leading provider of telecommunication services, Chairman of Reliance Telecomm and Vice Chairman of BPL Communications. He has also served as Chairman, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (London) and Governor, INTELSAT Board, Washington DC.

He holds various technical qualifications including B.Tech (Hons.) and M.Tech from IIT, Kharagpur, India, C Eng (UK), M.I.E.E. (UK) and Sr. M.I.E.E. (USA). He is also a member of the London Court of International Arbitration.
V. Subramanian
V. Subramanian is the former Secretary, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, where he developed and implemented the basic institutional structures in the sector. During his thirty seven years in the public sector, he has held key positions within the Government of India and the State of West Bengal in areas including the position of Financial Advisory in the Ministry of Civil Aviation (for 5 years). During this period, he was on the Board of Air India, Indian Airlines, Helicopter Corporation and India Tourism Development Corporation. His other stints include positions in areas like power, tourism, banking and capital markets, and the management of Public Enterprises. He also served with the Commonwealth Secretariat, London.

During his tenure with the Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs, He dealt with several public sector projects in the areas of transport, steel & mines, fertilizers, welfare, external commercial borrowings, exchange control and bilateral aid. He successfully negotiated and finalized loans for public sector enterprises and enabled Indian public sector enterprises to tap into the bond markets of Japan, Germany and Switzerland.

Subramanian presently serves as the Secretary General and C.E.O. of the Indian Wind Energy Association, a non-governmental body formed by wind energy generating companies and equipment manufacturers mainly for advocacy and policy articulation. He is Business Development Adviser to the Council for Industrial and Scientific Research (CSIR) in New Delhi and is a well known speaker on “Renewable Energy” in various international conferences.

Tarun Roy
Tarun Roy is the former Chairman of the Central Board of Excise & Customs and has extensive experience formulating and implementing relevant legislation and regulatory acts. He has served as Chair of the Asia-Pacific region of the World Customs Organisation of the United Nations and was instrumental in fostering better co-operation among the regional member countries. He has also led Government of India delegations to various international conferences relating to customs, excise and economic policy.
Ravi Oberoi
Ravi Oberoi brings a unique blend of skills to lead the practice area, providing an overview and insights based on more than 30 years of diverse experience in entrepreneurial, organisational and consulting work. Ravi has actively advised clients on various aspects of doing business in India. He has advised leading national and international organisations on matters relating to entry strategy, strategic management, government relations and long term organisational matters. This has included issues related to taxation, operational strategy, business/financial restructuring, contract manufacturing, formulation of business presence, business development, corporate governance and issues management. His expertise lies in analysis of finer attributes of government policy coupled with sound business acumen. Ravi has advised a broad spectrum of clients in areas such as pharmaceuticals, aviation, IT/ITES, telecom, automobile, packaging, education and chemicals amongst others.

Ravi is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and holds a degree in Economics. He represents client/shareholder interests on the boards of several leading companies such as McDonald’s and some other startup companies attempting to establish themselves in India.

Balinder Singh
Balinder Singh has been consulting for over 21 years in corporate and public affairs, marketing and marketing communications, healthcare communications, technology communications, sustainability and corporate social responsibility implementation. His skill areas include the ability to map complex regulatory frameworks, dynamic business and stakeholder environments, and implement multi stakeholder advocacy programmes. He has had success in building coalitions and working with corporations, NGOs, government departments, media and communications agencies. He has worked in cross-functional, remote and international teams both within a single organization and across entities.
He has consulted to several Fortune 500 companies and Indian Blue Chips across a diverse set of industries including infrastructure projects, insurance and financial services, aviation, telecommunications & IT, consumer goods and hospitality and quick service restaurants. He has also executed public affairs programmes in Sri Lanka.

Sustainability and implementation of clean technologies are areas of special interest. 
Anirudh Goswami
Anirudh has over 14 years experience in entrepreneurial, organizational and consulting work covering corporate strategy and planning, corporate communications, sustainability initiatives, government affairs, public relations and corporate social responsibility. He brings perspective and experience from across sectors - Auto-Components, New & Renewable Energy, Tea, Urban & Rural Planning, Power, Infrastructure, New Technologies, Defense, Health, Environment, Social Entrepreneurship, and Public Private Partnerships. He has been associated with CII’s National Committee on Affirmative Action, CII National Committee for Services, CII National Committee on Skill Development and ACMA’s National Committee for Human Resources & Skill Development. Apart from an understanding of the nuances of centre state relations, he has in-depth knowledge of the political and socio-economic structure of the North East Region.

Soman Thomas
Soman Thomas is an investment banker with over 30 years experience in corporate finance, M&A, financial restructuring and debit/equity placements.

Soman has held senior positions with Standard Chartered Bank and Canara Bank in the areas of corporate finance and domestic capital markets. He also worked as an advisor to a Non-banking Financial Company to develop a factoring and a general insurance practice in Western India. He was responsible for the successful bond issues of two important government financing vehicles (IDBI and SIDBI) as well as several equity issues.

Leveraging his experience in banking and capital markets, Soman is responsible for handling all important matters relating to the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and maintains effective relationships with these organizations.


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