Maritime, Aerospace and Security

This unique practice group provides a wide range of services to our clients, related to both government and private sector Maritime, Aviation & Aerospace, Security and Defence industries. Our professionals have extensive experience in the fields of operations, training, perspective planning and security. Our sector-related services include:

  • Maritime Services
    • Port Management and Support Services
    • Maritime Infrastructure
    • Coastal Shipping and Inland Waterways
    • Marine Propulsion Systems
    • Captive Power Generation Systems

  • Training

     We can offer customised training packages to meet the client's needs from generic fields in the maritime and security industries to specific procedural training.

  • Security Services

    Current domestic and international requirements for compliance with new security standards as well as the present security environment demands experienced, professional consulting services. We can evaluate security needs, perform the necessary assessments and present appropriate security plans for a wide range of facilities including manufacturing and research/development sites, corporate facilities and marine and aviation establishments.

  • Defence

    Our team has the experience and knowledge to understand the requirements, specifications and priorities of Defence Forces as well as public and private sector defence industry. We have the ability to identify where and how our clients' products and capabilities fit in with these requirements, and can assist the client in pursuing appropriate opportunities. We can also assist our clients in meeting their mandatory offset obligations in India when awarded large contracts.

Additional details about our expertise and experience in these fields and our team of outstanding professionals are found at the following link:

Our Services Include:

  Corporate & Commercial Advisory
  Taxation Advisory
  Regulatory Affairs
  Financial & Corporate Management
  Infrastructure Advisory
  Trade Practices
  Human Resources