Infrastructure Advisory

India's rapidly growing infrastructure needs offer opportunities for our clients to participate in both modernisation of existing facilities and the creation of new facilities. We track these changes, needs and opportunities with an emphasis on transportation, power, urban infrastructure and water sectors and offer our clients appropriate services and advice related to:

  • Identification and analysis of potential opportunities,

  • Project structure including JV vehicle, if required,

  • Identification, allocation and mitigation of project risk,

  • Preparation of RFQ, RFP, bid evaluation and post-bid documentation.

We also have a close working relationship with several local and international firms who can provide appropriate engineering consulting services to our clients.

Contact: Shiban Bakshi

Our Services Include:

  Corporate & Commercial Advisory
  Taxation Advisory
  Regulatory Affairs
  Financial & Corporate Management
  Maritime, Aerospace and Security
  Trade Practices
  Human Resources